vendredi 1 mai 2015

Durance Three Candle Boxed Set: Review

Recently some friends came to eat at my place and  brought me a set of Durance candles. Probably one of the best smelling gifts I received! Quite sweet but still fresh scents.
The set contains 3 candles : Fleur de Coton, Vanille and Lait de figue (which means cotton flower, vanilla and fig milk). The candles are handcrafted  which makes them even more special I feel like! I must say  I really loved these candles because they smell incredible, the smell lasts a loooooong time and they look quite cute. I think I might put some pink flowers next to them to make it look extra homely plus I love pastel colors at this time the year.
I would definitely recommend trying them if you come across them!